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    2nd Gen Leafs are bizarre!


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    2nd Gen Leafs are bizarre! Empty 2nd Gen Leafs are bizarre!

    Post by AzDon Sat Dec 03, 2022 9:14 pm

    I should have looked at the stock leaf spring configuration before I plunged into my front axle flip.....I'm now trying to fine-tune multiple issues that are turning out to be not so simple!
    First, CASTER......I set my flip blocks on top of 12 degrees of wedge shims, which should have resulted in about 7.5 degrees of caster (van is on a 4.5 degree forward rake) EXCEPT
    THAT.... the front leafs have the location pin for the axle 4 inches back from half way, so
    the mounting surface has about 4-5 degrees of extra negative caster resulting in only
    2-3 degrees of net positive caster (not enough!)

    Second,The 12 degrees of shims raised the axle an extra inch, but if I try to take the inch back with new flip blocks with 15 degrees of caster built in, the axle will be rolled back to the
    point that the tie rod will be at an elevation that has the leafs in the way.....If I could
    raise the front eyes of the spring and lengthen the shackles, I could roll some of that
    negative caster out.... maybe even work just to have longer shackles....
    I'm in the process of making the new flip blocks to put 15 degrees of positive caster
    while raising the front an inch, bu I will need to have my steering arms re-drilled to put
    the tie rod on top (or switch to heim ends)...

    I've been eyeing my 91 wagon as a donor for a complete rolling chassis swap, but that would literally be starting over and I'd rather be enjoying my van....

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