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    Wiring the ignition qwitch


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    Wiring the ignition qwitch Empty Wiring the ignition qwitch

    Post by docmcg Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:41 pm

    Just getting around to wiring the ignition switch I my pick up. I have an E-Z wiring kit I bought a while back. It has five wires coming from the fuse block. They are labeled; ignition switch coil; ignition switch accessories; ignition switch ignition; ignition switch power; and coil positive.  
    The back of the ignition switch has six terminals. Wiring the ignition qwitch 5e7d8910
    Which wires go to which terminals?

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    Wiring the ignition qwitch Empty Re: Wiring the ignition qwitch

    Post by donivan65 Thu Aug 11, 2022 9:38 am

    Well,,,,get an ohmmeter to test continuity,,,to identify the ground, start, ignition and accessory circuits on that ignition switch,,,,hook it to that ground terminal and see if it gets connected to any of the other 5 terminals when you turn the key through all the positions or only the body of the switch, then hook to the BAT terminal, you should find which of the other 5 terminals are Accessory/Off/Run/Start as you turn the key through its Accessory/Off/On/Start positions. This is basically what you should have, you may other circuits on your truck like Neutral switch, ballast resistor if you are running points and a starter relay, so this should get you started.......

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