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    64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA)

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    64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA) Empty 64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA)

    Post by a100_Bubba Thu Sep 15, 2022 7:08 pm

    64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA) 00x0x_10
    Time for me to pass on my beloved 8-door, SWB van to the next loving owner.
    I have had this for the past 7 years and know that I will look back and regret selling it.

    I used this for weekend road trips, camping, and a motorcycle hauler. Sheets of plywood fit perfectly in the back.
    This van was put to use and has been loving driven all over the West Coast, from Joshua Tree through Vancouver Island in BC. I kept up on regular maintenance, which is very simple on these, and never hesitated to drive it anywhere. Life is busier now, and I'm finding myself using my old toys less and less.

    Before finding this uniquely optioned model, I had a same year Valiant that completely sold me on the robustness of the 225 slant six. These 8-door models were built as commercial vehicles and had a few other options like a double timing chain and heavier duty suspension.

    Interior on this is bare bones, just two seats, the rest is metal. The bed setup inside (in the images) is no longer in the van, but gives a sense of the size inside. I did not want to do a crazy build out to retain some of the original charm and simplicity.

    The good:
    - 225 slant six, rebuilt by previous owner, mileage unknown, starts, idles, and runs with ease
    - 3 on the tree manual. Its the only way this van should ever be driven.
    - Brakes upgraded to dual master cylinder. Still drum, but way safer.
    - 8-door. Quite rare.
    - Repaint done by previous owner (a guy in San Rafael), it's not show paint, but its decent
    - I'm not sure if the gearing was changed because I'm surprised how well it can hold up on the freeway, but understand these do not handle well at higher speeds.

    The less-good:
    - An idiot clipped the front bumper while the van was parked, so the bumper is bent, no damage to the body.
    - Another idiot tried to pry off the gas cap this week. Those are cheap and easily replaced.
    - Some minor rust as you expect for a vehicle of this age
    - Speedo and odometer not working. I believe its the gauge as I've tried a new cable.
    - Most the heater parts are there but has never been hooked up. It wasn't installed when I got it, and I've never really needed it.

    Looking for someone who will continue to take care of this gem.
    No tire kickers, please.

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    64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA) Empty Re: 64 Dodge A100 (8-door, manual) - $10,000 (sunset / parkside CA)

    Post by veefre Sat Oct 01, 2022 4:58 pm

    I can second your recommendation of the 225 cu in slant six.

    My first car was a 1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 (Hardtop Coupe). Got that about 1970. Eventually had the motor rebuilt, and last time I ran it, it was fine. Also has the legendary Torqueflight automatic transmission. That tranny is notable for being one of the few automatics that can be bump-started (in second gear). Still have it, but it's been parked for at least a decade now.

    My van is a '67 Chevy Van 108. 318 V8. Manual tranny. It runs well.

    I'd put in an offer for your Dodge Van, but I've run out of room ... and cash ... (LOL) ...

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