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Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes


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Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes Empty Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes

Post by Kramerkolby97 Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:46 am

Went on a long cruise last weekend with a local van club and by the time I got home my brake pedal was extremely soft, almost useless. I take the blame that I honestly hadn't looked at the brakes since I bought the van last summer, had been focused on fixing other things and the brakes weren't an issue. Anyways, took the front brakes apart to find issues with both adjusters and one wheel cylinder was pretty crappy. Fixed the adjusters and replaced the wheel cylinders. Took apart the rears to find one cylinder seized up, another only half working, and both adjusters were busted. Easy fix, except I could not find rear wheel cylinders readily available, don't get me wrong they're out there but just not readily available at any of my local parts stores. Looking for a simple solution I bought '65 Dodge D100 wheel cylinders, $12 a piece. Fits perfectly, except the bore size is slightly larger. Some guys warned me this could cause the rears to lock up faster than the fronts. Previous owner had already swapped in a dual master cylinder, which had now blown a seal, swapped in a new one. A100s came with duals from '67 up I believe. Road test went great! Rears don't lock up, so I don't see an issue with using the D100 cylinders. Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes 20200520

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Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes Empty Re: Wheel Cylinders/ Brakes

Post by donivan65 Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:55 am

Maybe you fixed it right,,,,,the dual master cylinder might now have the right wheel cylinders to stop correctly,,,,,,

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