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1967 Ford Econoline Super Van


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1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Empty 1967 Ford Econoline Super Van

Post by canudigit Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:56 am

1967 Ford Econoline Super Van
VIN: E16aha57637
Mileage: Unknown (odometer shows roughly 107k)
Location: Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Price: $5500 cash or bank transfer

1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_6110


Time for me to move onto another project. This one has been fun and reliable. I absolutely love the styling, versatility, comfort, and appearance, but I’m considering focusing on other projects and/or resto-modding a 30’s pick-up. I purchased this van sight-unseen from the previous owner in Arizona December 2015. Had it dropped off at a friend’s house in Tempe, Arizona soon after. During my spring break (I am a High School Auto Tech instructor) I flew down with a friend with tools and parts. Our goal was to safely make the trip from Arizona to NJ. When I arrived in AZ, the van fired right up, as it does every time I get in! In preparation for the trip, we serviced the cooling system, the brakes, and the steering and suspension (including good tires). We had a hiccup with the steering box giving out while crossing through Missouri, so we picked one up in Arkansas, popped it in and continued all the way to NJ. No over-heating, no misfiring, no fuss.
     Since I’ve had it here in NJ, I’ve gone through just about all of it with a fine toothed comb. I only have one thing that’s left to be done: Rear Leaf springs. I was debating lowering the van, which would require lowering springs, getting the front axle dropped and also notching the rear of the floor to clear the top of the rear axle. I’ve held off doing it due to my lack of time. Maybe the next owner will follow through with a suspension drop or just install new leaf springs in the rear (easiest option).
      I daily drove the car for about 6-7 months while I was working on it, and would take it out every weekend for my enjoyment since. I’ve put roughly 6-7k miles on the car with most of the repairs having been performed within the last 4k miles. I park it indoors during the winters and freshen it up every spring. I am a motivated seller. You will receive my spares as well.

Known History of Car:
      According to the previous owner, the car was originally from Rhode Island. It was found next to a shed where it had been parked under tarps. The surface rust on the roof bears evidence of the tarps holding moisture against it over the years. Story has it that a young man purchased it brand new, piled on the miles. He enlisted in the Army and was going to be shipped off to Vietnam, so he parked the van. Sadly he never returned and the van sat until some guys from CT purchased it and put it back on the road. The PO purchased it from these fellas, drove it to AZ, met his girl and they lived out of it for 6-months. I purchased it and picked it up in AZ and drove it back to NJ.

No signs of any accidents – straight chassis
HEAVY patina on sides and roof
No holes in floors
No rusty bolts
Underside is extremely clean/ rust free
Rear ¼ pockets were fiber glassed in
New mustang fuel tank with working fuel guage
New fuel and brake lines throughout
Good glass
No rot in footwells or floors
New speedo cable
All dash lights and controls work
Custom Stewart Warner Gauge Setup (Oil pressure/Water temp/ Amps [not hooked up])
Replaced all Shifter bushings
All lights work
All locks work. Comes with two sets of keys
New corner blinker covers
New headlamps (hi-lo beams work)
Custom Mounted Headunit (cd, usb cable) and speaker tube under passenger seat
Horns replaced with hella dual tone and button under column
Recently cleaned old sealant at drip rails and resealed with high-quality seam sealer

Cooling system:
New spal high quality high performance electric fan
Electric fan is powered by a relay which is triggered by a thermostatic switch
Brand new heater core
Brand new Mustang Radiator with custom aluminum mounts
New Coolant over flow tank

Suspension/ Steering/Brakes:
Front Axle Rebuilt with brand new king-pin setup bushings/ sand blasted and painted entire assembly
Installed new front inner and outer wheel bearings
New outer tie rod ends
New bushings in front and rear leaf springs
New Shock absorbers
New drag link from Rare Parts
Rebuilt steering box, sealed, adjusted and lubricated
Ford Ranger Wheels with brand new Uniroyal Tires 215/75/14
Freshly rebuilt Brake Master Cylinder
New Brake hoses, fresh brake fluid
New Wheel Cylinders
Parking brake works perfectly

Engine/ Trans/ Rear Axle:
Straight 6 240c rebuilt .030 over
3-speed Column Shift Transmission was removed, cleaned, resealed and reinstalled with new mount.
New clutch TOB
Fresh Gear oil
New motor and trans mounts
Pertronix electronic ignition/ timing set with digital timing light
New plugs, wires, cap, rotor
New oilpan gasket
New custom Exhaust (sounds GREAT!)
Grease driveshaft and u joints
9” Heavy Duty Rear Axle had new bearings and seals installed prior to purchase
Refilled rear axle with fresh fluid
Freshly rebuilt carb
Brand new air cleaner assembly and filter
New fuel pump
Ford Factory Service Manual

window seals
Front window felt guides
rear leaf springs
parking brake handle
Front seat upholstery
There are a few cosmetic areas where corrosion has won. One spot is at the front of the car at the top of the grill mounting area. It should be patched to avoid moisture getting in.
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_1810
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_43101967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_4311
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_7010
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_7310
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_7610
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_7710
1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Img_8010

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1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Empty Re: 1967 Ford Econoline Super Van

Post by canudigit Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:45 am


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1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Empty Re: 1967 Ford Econoline Super Van

Post by vanny Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:56 am

Congrats! Someone is going to be a real HAPPY camper!!! cheers

“The future will soon be a thing of the past."

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1967 Ford Econoline Super Van Empty Re: 1967 Ford Econoline Super Van

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