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    Be a Man!!


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    Be a Man!! Empty Be a Man!!

    Post by BillyBlaze Thu Feb 20, 2014 4:49 am

    Be a MAN!!

    So I was doing some research to pick up a new straight razor cuz mine sucks and won't hold a edge and stumbled across this website that was pretty cool and strongly feel every man should bookmark it and browse the "manly skills" tab as it has a wealth of must know, wide ranging info all kidding aside IMO.

    I got sucked into about 3 hrs of reading all kinds of diff articles that were kinda cool and informative LOL

    On the topic of straight razors for those of you that have not gave it a go I can't endorse trying it out enuff. Give it a week or two before you make up your mind as it does have a learning curve (took me a hr the first time and was kinda bloody doing a face shave but now I shave me face and head in bout 15 min with minimal blood loss hehe). Give this article a read and deff watch the short video as it is kinda cool they way they did it.

    I broke down and ordered up a DOVO Solingen Best Quality Straight Razor 5/8 which had a lot of good reviews and price wasn't bad at all.

    I hope it is cool to post something like this here but if not a mod can make it go away and MAN UP!!  Laughing Laughing 

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