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    Rear sway bar width


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    Rear sway bar width Empty Rear sway bar width

    Post by sasktrini Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:32 pm

    Hope you don't mind... might be a useful topic for us too. A question came up on another forum about rear sway bars. (sorry the edge is cut off).

    Hey guys... I recently bought an ADDCO rear sway bar for the 65,, and was going to install it last night but ran into a problem... The sway bar they sent me looks like it's too wide to attach to the frame rails. On the early vans, the rear sway bar attaches along the rear axle, and the end links attach to the frame rails. Not the other way around like the mids. Here's picture from the installation instructions:

    Rear sway bar width Gallery_1_44_13221

    When I measured from one end link hole to the other on the sway bar, I got 39 1/2".. But when I measured from one frame rail to the other (center to center) I got about 36".
    I called the tech support folks at ADDCO, and he said they've sold quite a few of these bars and it should be the right one.. But he agreed that you can't attach a 39 1/2" wide sway bar to a 36" wide frame...

    Anyway,, what I'm hoping for,, is that someone with an early van could go out and measure the distance from the center of one frame rail to the center of the other, at a point about one foot behind the rear axle. ADDCO said they would have no problem bending the sway bar in some so I can install it,,, but I have to pay to ship it to them. If I find out that they goofed when they made this thing,, I'm calling them back and asking them where they got their info. I'd also like to know what year van you have, and whether it's a short or long wheelbase... Just in case they try to argue with me on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Rear sway bar width Empty Re: Rear sway bar width

    Post by donivan65 Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:17 pm

    The 64-66 Chevy Vans are 35 1/2" between rear frame rail centers,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Rear sway bar width Empty Re: Rear sway bar width

    Post by sasktrini Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:10 pm

    Looky... recent post on yahoo EconosRUs early group... there is a contact at Addco that works with the mod on the Yahoo group to get the right stuff. At a second glance, this looks like info for a front, but this might be helpful to anyone (like me) wanting to hook up their early! since the frame width on the Chev and Ford are so close, I bet the rear bar may be the same for each!

    Here is the final summation from 1) Addco as well as all the possibilities of 2) end links, 3) recommendations and 4) "how to order" an Addco Anti-Sway Bar

    1) Addco
    Now available from Addco is a new aftermarket heavy-duty anti-sway bar for the front of our Econolines. The bar measures 1" in Diameter, comes with frame mounts, end links and adapter brackets. The kit does not interfere with stock brakes and some aftermarket disc brake set-ups. For other aftermarket brake set-ups, there are options listed below that will still allow you to have the better handling this Addco anti-sway bar provides. See "3) Recommendations (D)" below.

    From the prototype to the production models, there will be changes to the kit.
    The hole in the end of the bar will be opened up from a 5/8" hole to a 3/4" hole to accommodate stock style end link grommets/bushings should you choose to run that style of end link.
    The kit will still come with the "L" bracket and link set-up as shown in the prototype fit-check photos on Bailey.
    Note: Strength-wise, Addco has assured me the "L" bracket works with no problem on ambulances with a 1 1/4" sway bar. When you do order a bar, they can add gussets to the "L" brackets if you wish. There will be additional cost.
    The bushings supplied with the kit will be the same at both ends. No changes to the bushings for the larger hole in the end of the bar. Because of the shape of the supplied bushings, and the thickness of the bar, They will self center and work fine.
    The reason stock style end links will not be provided is cost. The supplied links & L bracket are cheap by comparison. See below (2) for end link options.
    We as Econoline owners will be responsible for the bolts that go into the uni-body frame and the thru-axle hardware.

    2) End Links & repair kit
    There are a few options for end links:
    A) You can use the supplied link set-up that comes with the Addco anti-sway bar.
    B) offers a stock Econoline end link p/n 1857 for $22.00 a pair. Their web-site does not have the part listed, nor is it in their catalog. You have to call. 1-800-526-1096 - sales dept. I have spoke with Dan... he knows what to do.
    C) Late Gen Econoline end links - longer than stock and comes with a bend that needs to be straightened. Spicer p/n 5451069B fits most Econoline models from 1975-1991. The price ranges from $17.00 to $70.00 for a complete kit.
    D) Beefy Late Gen F250 4WD end links - slightly shorter than stock, possibly with a 12mm bushing that needs to be opened up to a 1/2" (13mm) to fit the thru-axle bolt. Moog p/n K8662 fits 1980-1997 F250 4WD & some F350 models. The price is $39.00 each. Note: The word "possibly" is used because the repair kit listed below fits SAE & Metric.
    E&F) Same as "D" (above) but much longer than stock, can be cut to any length you want and welded back together. Moog p/n K8663 fits 1985-1997 F250 4WD and various other models. Or what appears to be an even longer one, Moog p/n K80016 fits 1980-1997 F250 and other models too. Price range is $32.00 to $46.00 each.

    The Econoline end link repair kit: If you already have end links, want to use them and just freshen them up, you can use Spicer p/n 5451018 or 5451018B. They fit lots of Ford (and Mazda) products from 1975 thru 2008, including everything listed above. Priced from $7.00 to $18.00 for a complete repair kit.

    3) Recommendations:
    A) If you go junk yarding for Econo stuff... snag a set of those 4WD beef cake end links. Be sure to look at the rear of the trucks too. My understanding from some of you Econo owners is the stock ones are a little on the weak side.
    B) If your slammed Econo cuts grass better than your lawnmower, I recommend the Addco set-up - infinitely adjustable by changing the length of the bolt and spacer. Next I would recommend the shorter F250 links.
    C) If you're concerned about the Addco set-up loosening up after installation, tack-weld the thru-axle bolt head to the "L" bracket. See 1) Addco for the "L" bracket gusseting.
    D) If you are running disc brakes and have a potential interference issue, offers a stand-off (more of a stand-above) bracket kit to place the end link above the axle, out of the path of travel of the caliper. You'll want to run a shorter end link if possible. The F250 short version is a good option.
    E) If you're Econo is reaching for the stars... The F250 long link is for you.

    All the above recommendations are based on a bolt-in installation, save for a few notes along the way. Now if you have or have access to a mig welder... your options are limitless.

    4) How to Order
    Finally available! Yah! Be sure to mention "early" or "late" style bar when ordering. If you know... great! If not, contact Polecat1010 (Jay) at Yahoo! groups - Econosrus. By VIN he'll be able to tell you which bar you need. Plus, your supplied VIN data will go into a registry and he can tell you all about your ride.
    The early bar is straight legged and the late bar has a dog-leg bend.
    Addco Manufacturing

    John Wright

    Office 1-800-338-7015

    Cell 1-662-2894


    Paul in Idaho

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    Rear sway bar width Empty Re: Rear sway bar width

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