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1966 Ford Econoline (Falcon) Van


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1966 Ford Econoline (Falcon) Van Empty 1966 Ford Econoline (Falcon) Van

Post by Armison Fri May 27, 2011 4:27 pm

Looking for someone with experience, skills and time needed to perform the restoration of a 1966 Ford Falcon Van. Work to be completed includes a complete go-through of the mechanical systems, bodywork, paint and interior. Also, want to consider some improvements to the stock condition i.e. disc breaks, a.c., performance improvements to the stock 240 engine, etc.

Not all work need to be completed by the restorer. Some work is obviously better suited to be subcontracted out to a specialist. However, I do need someone with the knowledge, connections, time or physical space required to handle a project car the size of an early Ford Van. Space is my biggest problem, living in an HOA requires me to use my garage for parking my other car leaving literally no room.

Ideal candidate would be someone with restoration experience, knowledge of 60's fords, creative and an eye for details and who is looking for some part time work for extra cash. The person/shop would need to be located somewhere within the greater Southern California region.

I'm not looking to produce a museum piece but rather turn a few heads and make sure my van is safe and reliable. As far as schedule I am not in a huge rush but don't want it to turn into an epic undertaking either. With a battery charge my 66 will start but I would need to have it towed to the location.

Please e-mail me with your thoughts, ideas and questions.


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