swapping to an electric or manual choke carb...



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swapping to an electric or manual choke carb...

Post by Toast on Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:32 pm

Hey everyone. So our '67 A-100 has the stock two-barrel on a 273 V-8 manual 3-speed that has headers and some sort of cam (it's a little lopey, sadly have no idea what it is that's in there). It's old, and it's starting to cause some stalling/flooding issues and the choke has gotten really erratic on it.

I could rebuilt it, it really needs it, but I've never been a fan of the heat-riser style chokes anyways. I'm thinking of just replacing the whole thing for I don't have time to do the rebuild and a new carb of this style isn't too much money.

Which then opens up the question: what carb do I get? I'd like something with an electronic or manual choke that will work well with the 2-bbl setup. I had a two-barrel Holley on another old Dodge that I liked, but that I replaced with a 4-bbl Edelbrock that I liked a whole lot more. Very Happy

Or should I just ditch the two-barrel and go for the four?

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Re: swapping to an electric or manual choke carb...

Post by jkr on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:04 am

a 273 choke has a bowl that is removable with a bolt and is the heated style and usually work well if there is heat across the intake. that is no doubt where your problem is. the intake is plugged at the heads and manifold. take the intake off and chip out all the carbon from both sides. we used to burn the carbon from the manifolds but unless you have done it before give it to an older dodge mechanic for 10 minutes and let him do it. a little bit of time and $20.00 in gaskets and all is well again. at todays fuel prices i like a 2bbl carb.

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