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    Selling my 1964 A100


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    Selling my 1964 A100 Empty Selling my 1964 A100

    Post by customsportsman Sun Feb 12, 2023 5:24 am

    Hi Folks,
    After 23 years of owning my A100, the time has come to move on.  I want to offer it to the vanners on this site, as I have been a lurker for years, but I have met some of you at Bakers, and I am part of the Michigan A100 Mafia.
    The Van is a 1964 Custom Sportsman.  We restored the van back in 2004, so the restoration is older.  I rebuilt the slant six in 2003, and properly converted it to an automatic with all the right parts at that time also.
    The body is in exceptional shape for an older restoration.  The roof is starting to pop aroun the gutters, and one dogleg has a pop or two.  None of it is major, and the doglegs I probably wouldn't  fix, as they have looked like they do for 10 years.
    The price is 13,500, and I will not sell sight unseen.  I want someone to make SURE that this is what they want, and I want the van to go to a good home.

    If you are interested, please pm me ( and I will send you more photos.

    Oh... one last thing. The redline hubcaps stay with me. But I will put on a nice set of dogdish hubcaps when the van sells.

    Tim in Detroit area.

    Selling my 1964 A100 20210717
    Selling my 1964 A100 20210718
    Selling my 1964 A100 20210716

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    Selling my 1964 A100 Empty Re: Selling my 1964 A100

    Post by OutofSight Sun Feb 12, 2023 8:52 am

    Looks nice, I’m sure you will not have a problem selling.

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    Selling my 1964 A100 Empty Re: Selling my 1964 A100

    Post by dix Mon Feb 13, 2023 2:34 am

    Tim sad to see you are letting the A go.
    hope you still come town to Norwalk this year...

    still vannin since 1974

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    Selling my 1964 A100 Empty Re: Selling my 1964 A100

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