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    Saw A108 camper rig - in videos of Rubber Tramp Roundup!!


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    Saw  A108 camper rig - in videos of Rubber Tramp Roundup!! Empty Saw A108 camper rig - in videos of Rubber Tramp Roundup!!

    Post by whalemstr Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:08 pm

    Is one of you that person by any chance???

    I have been watching various YouTube videos of the Rubber Tramp Roundup down in Arizona and noticed ONE A108 there!

    It is a green and white camper rig and so far no one has interviewed that person to show what their camper looked like!

    That is one of the places that I wanted to go to but the van is not quite there yet.

    I am redoing my interior again!

    Also, waiting on weather and available help so I can replace the spring shackle bushings...

    I had a wheel bearing go out the other day on the way to a friends place. Had to get a ride from him to a NAPA and got new bearings - replaced the one in his side yard. Getting ready to replace the others soon - along with new brake shoes on the front end...

    I found a technique that is way cool for creating interiors in a rig!

    Using high density insulboard - 3/4" - gripper paint, plastic window screening, and gorilla glue!

    What a trip! Should be able to make everything I want in this thing and it will only weigh a few pounds - compared to the cabinets I have in here now...

    Even thinking about taking the passenger seat out of here and build in a cooler in it's place! LOL

    Anyway, one of these days I will post something about it.

    And if you are the camping A108 at the Rubber Tramp Roundup!!! WAY COOL!!!

    See ya next year if I can get there!!! lol


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