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    newbie, parts and parts pics and part locations


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      newbie,  parts and   parts pics and part locations Empty newbie, parts and parts pics and part locations

    Post by Hawgford Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:39 pm

    greetings  fellow  owners of the shoe box on wheels.I can;t post pics.My jalopy is a 62 6- door with the original 170-3spd, upgrades continuous.Am well known OLD Harley builder and wrench/machinist, 54-79 FORD F series too.I have ALOT of parts and projects and am learn just how many parts DO swap over to the E series.I got some goodies stashed for mine including  a  2bbl 68 stang 200 and a C4,yep, hanging  mount..Right now not priority,170 runs fine. My issues are body protection and from recent experience,use the EASTWOOD  rust encapsolator,period. I am huntin  some mus have parts,,would be obliged if someone has spares for a fair prices.I don;t plan anything fancy for it at all,am disabled and it'll be   enough  just roll with a clutch,I may slave it.So...I have seen the drop down battery box,cool, but I need a complete stock one first.The other 2 items are small,the choke cable and the parkin brake assembly,just the interior handle/arm/mount and a pic of how it mounts. I will bounce in here some,I welcome tech  questions  on motor/trans and wiring,.I DO NOT plan to part with this van...

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