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    rubber parts


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    Post by Twinpilot001 Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:57 am

    Printed for me  =good----i just highlighted all the list  & printedit!! cheers cheers cheers Twisted Evil

    Thanx-----M1 cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

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    Post by Digz Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:50 am

    Great List ! Now if I could figure out how to print it off?? White print on black page comes out blank LOL
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    Post by Space Truckin Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:37 am

    Nice work M1, very detailed/ complete Shocked
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    Post by m1dadio Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:15 am

    Rubber parts: Dec 2014
    Item Manufacturer/Seller  part number price USD$

    W/S gasket 1st gen Auto Obsession WBL-653  $40
    W/S gasket 2nd gen Auto Obsession WBLD693  $58
    Vent window main seal Steel Rubber Prod 70-2115-55  $107 pr
    Vent window Division post Steel Rubber Prod 70-2116-56  $58 pr
    Front door seals Steel Rubber Prod 70-2584-72  $95 pr
    Cargo door seal Steel Rubber Prod 70-2585-72  $128 one set
    Dog house seal Steel Rubber Prod 70-3531-88  $16
    Vent window setting channel Steel Rubber Prod 70-2170-57  $3 /ft
    Hinge gaskets Steel Rubber Prod 60-0659-69  $35 (4) one door
    Hinge gaskets Clarks C9946 $ 8 ea
    Door bumpers Steel Rubber Prod 33-0496-71  $2 (2/door)
    Window bottom bumpers Steel Rubber Prod 33-0531-42  $3 (1/door)
    Glove box door bumper Steel Rubber Prod 33-0128-88  $1 (need 2)
    Glove box door bumper Clarks C853R  $6 pr
    Window fuzzy kit Steel Rubber Prod 80-0788-59   $105  2 door set
    Brake/clutch pedal Steel Rubber Prod 70-3531-88  $23 pr
    Swing out window seal Restoration specialties VSG001  $1.50 / ft
    Door button O ring Clarks C565  $.70 ea
    Door lock gasket Clarks C566  $2 ea
    Door handle (small) Clarks C1550  $1.40 ea
    Door handle (large) Clarks C1549  $1.55 ea
    Door handle escuteon gasket Clarks C6530  $1.50 ea
    Door handle black button Clarks C5851  $9.00 ea
    Door black button screw Clarks C5852  $0.90 pr
    Division bar rivets Clarks C7664  $5 set
    License plate bumper Clarks C532  $3  ea
    Vent window pivot rivet Clarks C2701  $3.35 ea
    Ash tray bumper Clarks C2563A $2 ea

    The following three items in Canada at 25% or less of the USA price. (And they sell to the US).  are in Canadian dollars, at this time subtract about 17% to get the USD price.

    Fixed window rubber HighTech Glazing AS-1216  $60 (50 ‘roll)
    Locking strip HighTech Glazing AS-789  $16 (50’roll)
    Division bar SS bead. HighTech Glazing Y658X96  $35 (96")
    Sometimes the division bar can be cut in two 48” pieces to reduce shipping costs.
    Less then 4’ needed for each window.

    From Smiley’s list

    Bat box lid gasket Dan’s Classic CD43-311  $4.20 ea
    Brake pedal rubber American Classic FL108  $2.50 ea
    Glove box lock gasket Classic Parts 22-412  $0.75 ea
    Door bumpers (4) Classic Parts 18-321  $.99 ea
    Window bumpers (2) Classic Parts 18-360  $.75 ea

    Note: Steel Rubber Products are made in the USA. The items from HighTechGlazing are either made in USA or Made in Canada.
    Other similar items found cheaper are off shore (usually made in China). I have found the off shoe items don’t fit as well as the made in North America ones.


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