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    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses


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    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses Empty Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses

    Post by Dawgboy Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:40 am

    I rewired my A Van. It is so far, the biggest project I have done to it. In the process, I replaced the old OEM fuse panel with a nice modern ATC type panel. This week I am taking it 1 step farther and am replacing "critical" systems such as ignition, charging, and light circuit fuses with Buss brand manual reset fast blow ATC form factor Circuit breakers.

    Has anyone else done this? I felt that the minor difference in price is worth it as they don't(hopefully) melt during a short. Granted, my Harness came with the panel populated, but I also added a secondary panel for "House wiring", IE, things I want full time power for like stereo, fans, Interior lighting, Lighter jacks, Etc.

    I will report back after install and a couple of "short" tests.

    Here's where I got them. Note that they also have the AGC type as well as many others.

    And here is what they look like:

    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses Photo_zpsc5fd33d3
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    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses Empty Re: Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses

    Post by Abitibi Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:48 pm

    I use them and they work great. They came standard on my 2001 E350 ambulance that I'm converting into a camper. They were used for all the life support equipment. Since I gutted most of the ambo functions I kept all the extra breaker Fuses and have been using them into my other vehicles. You did the right choice!

    Mr. D

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    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses Empty Re: Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses

    Post by Oscarm Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:56 am

    Another cool alternative would be LED fuses. When they blow, they light up, making it much easier
    to troubleshoot. Very inexpensive. Harbor Freight has a bagged assortment of them.

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    Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses Empty Re: Circuit breakers ~VS~ fuses

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