69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)


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69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)

Post by ALABAMA ANDY on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:11 am

Im sure there are people all over Europe as well as The States using this Forum ?
So I thought it would be the right thing to put my add up on here.
I am in London, England.


Decided to sell my Dodge A108 as ive had it around 5 years or so & decided its time to pass it on.
The A108 is the LWB version of the A100 (108" wheel base) & is more practical due to the side cargo doors being behind the engine.
It was imported from Livermore California back in 1998.
I believe it was painted here in England & most of the mechanical work was done by the previous owner.
The engine is a 318 V8 (it is an original V8 van) & is mated to a Torqueflight 727 auto box with the original dash mounted shifter.
It was converted to Dual Fuel in England too, which is fully up & running.
It has a huge LPG tank (100 or 120ltrs if I remember rightly) & is switchable via a button under the dash.
As LPG is around 55p per ltr here in London I run it on LPG all the time, only starting on petrol when its been sitting for a few days.
The performance, exhaust note, exhaust smoke, no different which ever way you run it.

The 318 runs a Edelbrock 600 4 barrel carb with electronic choke on an Edelbrock Performer intake with Summit Temp gauge.
Its been converted to cable throttle rather than rod & has a Locar kickdown.
It has a Melling oil pump, Electric fuel pump, Electronic dizzy & MSD coil.
A stainless Powerflow dual exhaust system.
Modern alternator with split charger (runs twin batteries).
Original & extra electric cooling fan that can be switched on manually & auto, plus running an extra trans cooler radiator.
It has Remote central locking with twin fobs, two sets of the original keys, & an immobiliser.

The wheels are mid 70's original Ford Thunderbird 15" Alloys, with all new tyres fitted last year.
The steering is NOT power assisted & so yes it is heavy when parking but has no play & is very tight on the open road.
The suspension was rebuilt by the previous owner by having all the leaf springs rebuilt & re-bushed, all new shocks & rebuilt kingpins.
The brakes are still the original non assisted drums all round but pull up sharp & square with no dramas.

Electrically it ALL works.
Thats ALL the gauges, lights, wipers, big train horns, heater fan, even the original Dodge radio lights up at night.
The heater works fine, the crotch cooler vents work as they should, even the cocktail shaker foot pump washers work with a powerful jet.

Bodywise.......well as far as I can tell its never been welded underneath, it all looks totally original & is fully waxoiled.
The bottom of all the doors are now starting to rust out as are parts of the rain gutters, so these will need addressing soon.
The bumpers seem to have been custom made from incredibly thick steel as original Dodge bumpers are as ugly as hell.
The rear one having the number plate frenched & with tiny lights.
All the original badges are intact.
All the rear windows have been heavily tinted & keep it really cool in the sun. It has plenty of pop out windows too.
The front door windows roll up & down fine, the quarterlights open fine & the front windscreens are the original tinted ones.
There is a custom made tow bar on the back with electric hook up.

Inside......I bought it as a blank canvas.
The floor is covered in thick ply & thick vinyl.
The headliner is currently just insulated board with LED down lights.
I started to panel out the back in marine ply but although i finished all the thick panels I never got round to finishing the thin side & door panels (although i do still have the matching sheet at home).
I tried to build it as a "day van" rather than a camper although it can be used as a camper as a have done several times.
It has all grey leather seats in great condition & have built in seatbelts.
The middle two can face forwards, backwards, recline, fold down into tables & be removed altogether.
The rear bench is on concealed runners & can slide back & forth, recline, flip the base up, or fold flat.
To make the bed the rear bench folds flat as do the middle two that clip into the floor to make a double bed.
The fridge under the table is 12v & 240v & there is 240v hookup under the back which has a safety breaker box.
The Surfboard table is an original "Grizboards" table & can be removed & clipped onto the engine cover for a front surf table.
The dash is all original & unmolested with the addition of a revcounter.
The steering wheel is a period early deep dish 15" Grant.
The ICE is a modern Sony CD MP3 Radio hidden with remote control & seperate Amp & sounds spot on in a van this size.
It also has a large very period "driveaway" awning, complete with tassles & very 60's curtains for those camping weekenders.

Dont get me wrong......its not perfect.
It could do with the all door bottoms sorting & some of the gutters in places.
There is a hole ive revealed at the very bottom of the drivers post where it meets the step.
There is some prop vibration at around 50ish mph.
The kingpins have slight up & down play which can be shimmed out as they were new but have been advised on the MOT.
Its not going to be lightning quick but for a big brick is fast enough & with the LPG you dont have to worry about the costs of actually driving it.

But......for a 48 year old ex California bus (it was actually used as a minibus by The Hebrew Acadamy in Livermore California) thats been over here in Blighty for 19 years......its about as good as your gona get for an unrestored bus.

I have quite a bit of history with it too including the original US Title & import docs.

So basically a rare opportunity to own the rarer A108 model in the UK.
Be a part of the 60's US Van craze thats happening now before they go the same way as the Vdubs & become unaffordable.
New MOT & obviously Tax Exempt.

Asking 9,995 & will listen to serious offers.
Serious enquiries only please.
Not interested in any P/ex's or swaps as I have plenty going on already thanks.

Located in SE London.
Message me on here or call me on 07930 890427.

Thanks: Andy.




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Re: 69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)

Post by ALABAMA ANDY on Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:39 pm

Heres a pic of it with its 60's/70's Driveaway Awning that goes with it.
So a little BUMP.........

Open to serious offers.

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Re: 69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)

Post by ALABAMA ANDY on Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:08 pm

With a price drop to 8,995ono.

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Re: 69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)

Post by ALABAMA ANDY on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:49 pm

Will be taking this & camping at "Grill n Chill" at The Hopfarm in Kent / England this coming weekend.
If your going......pop over & take a look.
As always its gona be a HUGE show.

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Re: 69 Dodge A108 318 LPG Auto (in London England)

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