Hoarding parts?


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Hoarding parts?

Post by Wolfster on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:40 pm

Building a 65 E pickup, doing the 302 / C4 conversion. Bought a 67 "field rescue" HD parts van for a few items needed. I've sold some stuff not needed off of both. This morning I'm rearranging the garage to eke out a little more work room and realized all the parts I'm saving because "gee, you never know, I might need them". Really???

Took me 9 years to go through my basement and storage building when I finally realized all the crap I was saving I really wasn't ever going to use from my other business after I retired. A little here, a little there and got rid of most of it. Now I find myself in the same predicament with these parts.

I don't want to run a parts or salvage business, but the nose on that 67 is pretty decent. And the rear doors, and the roof, and the know how it is. lol Gonna have a field day or two with the plasma cutter, saws, and cutoff wheels.

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