Help with Rubber Parts List


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Help with Rubber Parts List

Post by Lazarusvan on Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:46 pm

Another idiot's guide needed...My van arrived with no seals whatsoever (surprise...), so I don't know exactly what is missing.

1) Vent window setting channel: What is this? The long part that extends down into the door? How many feet would I need?

2) Door bumpers: How many do I need? I have 4 cargo doors in addition to the two fronts.

3) Window bottom bumpers: Not sure if I need these? Is there a way to tell without removing the door panel? I don't have any clunking when all the way down.

4) Pop out window seals: How many feet per window? I can obviously measure but didn't know if a certain extra makes sense bases on the curves.

5) Has anyone found a cheaper alternative to the pop out window rubber? It's might expensive.....

Thanks as always!

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Re: Help with Rubber Parts List

Post by m1dadio on Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:21 pm

"Vent wwindow setting channel"  well your overlapping a bunch of key words so I don't know what you mean? there is a setting strip which is a strip of rubber used to fix the vent window glass into its frame.
there is a division bar channel which is what the roll up window rides in It is lesss then 48" long , not sure exactly but I buy an 8' pice when I am doing both doors  and have a small piece left over. there is a division bar vent window seal, the vertical one at the rear of the vent window about 14" long and there is the vent window rubber which fits around the door FWD of the vent window.

Do a search on this site, theres a list called rubber parts or something like that.


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