65 g10 manual


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65 g10 manual

Post by Patchesroy on Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:09 am

Hey guys. Finally got the van off the lift and ready to roll. So when I bought the van the guy had it hot wired from the coil and starter. We'll I'm trying to get it turn key again but I could use some help. Also I'm looking for a manual online for it

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Re: 65 g10 manual

Post by Vantasia on Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:58 am

You can get the shop manual on eBay used or new, plenty there.

There is a CD version but never seen anything online you can look at, only the specs at GM Heritage Center.  The wiring diagrams are here on this forum under archives or someone can post for you to print.  The manual is called the Van Supplement to the standard truck manual for the same years and shows everything about the van body, mechanicals, brakes and electrical.  Doesn't have much on the engine as that would be in the regular manual.

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Re: 65 g10 manual

Post by donivan65 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:27 am

These are the books,,,,,,

as for the ignition wire,,,,,,,the Pink wire runs from the ignition switch to the connector in the Doghouse right next to the carburetor,,,,,,,it changes to a White/Orange/Purple cloth covered resistance wire as it leaves the connector.....this cuts the voltage down  to the coil,,,,,,,,as that wire goes  towards the Positive side of the coil, it picks up a hitch hiker Yellow wire which is the 12 volt boost  from the R terminal on the starter solenoid,,,,,,and usually the Yellow wire  goes to the Positive side of the coil,,,,,,so the resistor wire is connected to the Yellow wire,,,,,,could be soldered to it,,,,,both connected on the R terminal of the starter solenoid or both on the  Positive post on the coil,,,,

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Re: 65 g10 manual

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