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Re: New Member 1rst time G van owner

Post by Jeremy Wynn on Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:27 am

panelmanrd wrote:I took it all out of a 91 Silverado, engine trans comp harness the whole
shebang. never smell gas ever never floods never have to jack with a choke
turn key and it starts no matter how hot or how cold, was by far the best mod
I have ever done to an early!!!!!!
and it gets 19 mpg at 70 mph.
did you use the exhaust system and all with the oxygen sensor and all the other sensors, map, tps...

I wonder if a Factory TBI intake like yours will bolt on the older 350 block / heads?

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Re: New Member 1rst time G van owner

Post by panelmanrd on Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:55 pm

I used everything as it came out of the 91 all sensors that were
factory are still in it, map coolant tps o2 and knock sensors are in use.
As far as installing this on an older engine, the center two bolt holes in the
intake are at a different angle in the later model heads, so a slight mod is needed.
When gm went to the center bolt valve covers they also changed the center two bolt
hole angles, but it will work. Also have to use the dist and coil from doner vehicle.
Modifying the factory harness is the complicated part. Again not impossible just slightly
complex, as it only has 26 wires.
Hope I answered some of your questions, I tend to ramble a bit .

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