bakers van show


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bakers van show

Post by Bear on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:40 pm

just a little feed back from a new guy to the van show world.first off i stronglee recemend any one who owns a van and never gone to a show to do so.if you got a project van going this is the place to get you re-geared up to want to work on your early.not only that but the ideal,s you get on what you would like to or not do too your own van.for me i was able to see some of my thoughts played out in some ones van.not the way i would have done it but along the same line i was thinking of.i was able to look at 3 0r 4 ways and get a better though in my head on how i am going to do it.GOOD STUFF i met members here and got to put a face to there names.i realy injoyed talking to all of you.and a big thanks to G-Man we got to talk off and on most of the need any more parts for duanes van let me know.the hi light of the show was scoreing on a 2nd gen dog house for my 66 no-door.looking forward to next year and next mounth at the nats in ohio,

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Re: bakers van show

Post by G-Man on Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:02 am

Bear I enjoyed talking with you also and I'm sure I'll need more for Duane's van

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