Very nice 69' Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe ...FOR SALE



Very nice 69' Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe ...FOR SALE

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:31 pm

I am new to the site.
I own a very nice 69 Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe and are looking to sell it.
I believe to have bought it from the guy that bought it in 1969. The guy gave me the manual and the sales brochure from 1969. The van has black plates. Its has been well maintained, no dents, good paint (repainted several times with the original metallic green color from 69). The interior side paneling is original and in good shape. The floor still has the original rubber mat in it ( I have mats on top) I have replaced the two benches it came with, with a single bench with headrests. The bench will fold flat to turn into a 'bed' or flat surface. The bench is bolted to the floor and can easily be removed to accommodate a vespa scooter.
The front seats are original but have been re-done in fabric (the plastic was too sticky to sit on in the summer).
When I bought the Van in 1998 the owner told me he put a new engine in it and had about 35000 miles on it. I put another 120000 miles on it when it gave out on me. Last year 'Westside Performance' put a new engine in it for me.
Brand new 350 V8. Have the invoice/receipt. The van has been maintained by 'Westside Performance'.
The wire harness had been re-placed in 2002.
The spare tire has the original rim on it, the rest was changed to 70/14.
I have been driving the van daily and loved it.
When the engine gave out on me last year the tow truck guy slammed the automatic shifter and got it stuck it park.
It was fixed but there is an issue now with the horn. When the cap from the horn is on the center of the steering wheel it starts honking when you slam the door or drive over a speed bump, so I had the horn re-routed and have a button on the side now.
Please contact me with questions or if you want more pics.
The van is located in Los Angeles, California.
Please make an offer.


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Re: Very nice 69' Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe ...FOR SALE

Post by kookykrispy on Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:46 am

Welcome to the site, but this post should go in the "G" vans for sale section. Maybe one of the mods will move it for you.

Also, I highly recommend you put an asking price and pics

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Re: Very nice 69' Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe ...FOR SALE

Post by DanTheVanMan on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:17 am

Send "Chebby" a Message.
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Re: Very nice 69' Chevy 108 Sportvan Deluxe ...FOR SALE

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