1967 Chevy Van



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1967 Chevy Van

Post by Sparky747 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:19 pm

I have a 1967 Chevy Van For Sale. It was originally a Fleet Van for Wisconsin Gas Company.It was the pick of the litter, at the Gas Company Auction, when I first took ownership. I bought it and drove it 30+ years ago, but it has been sitting for many years. Overall the Van, for it's years, it is quite solid, but sitting for as many years as it has, removed some of its structure integrity in the doors, and some of the body panels. The Van has a 108" wheelbase, and it is considered to be a 3/4 ton van. The Van has six bolts holding the wheels on, it came equipped with the Big Six, Tow Hooks, and a Automatic Transmission, and I believe a posi rear differental. The Rear and Side Doors, have windows, of which the rear windows are slide windows. This Van, needs much work to restore, but to the right person it may be a good find. On a few occasions I was asked to sell off some of it's parts, but I only wish to sell it whole. Anyone Interested please feel free to contact me at

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